A Real Horror Story 2 : Hand And A Mysterious Shadow


This incident took place about 7 years ago. Me and my cousin which amounted to 7 people, were staying at the aunt's house in the area Joglo, West Jakarta, who was away for several days. We were assigned to guard my aunt's house.

There's one of my cousins coward, who named Ridha, having 2 odd occurrence there. First, approximately 8 pm. When making instant noodles in the kitchen, suddenly shouted Ridha. She said she saw shadowy figures from the hands of the kitchen window. Hand shadow without a body. We then jointly inspect the window. But we did not find anything.

The second incident, at about 4 am. At that time, in the room, Ridha heard someone walking while holding and playing a key, then open one door in the house. A moment later, she also heard someone knock-knock on the bedroom window and told to pray at dawn.

In the morning, when Ridha told us, we were surprised. Anyone who opens the door and woke at dawn to pray..? Because by then we're all asleep. After we checked, the key was still hanging in place. Evidence that no one is touching it let alone have the key.

Then, who opened the door, the key play, and wake at dawn to pray..? And the shadow's hand who she saw in the kitchen the night before..?

Since the incident, Rida did not want to stay longer there.

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